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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register my swimmer for an event?

  • Go to and click Login.
  • Sign on to your account. If you can’t remember your password, click Unable to login to reset your password.
  • Go to Home page and select Swim Meets under the Schedule tab.
  • Click Swimmer Sign-up and then click Edit Entries.
  • For each of your swimmers, select an option from the drop down next to their names.
    • Attending this meet and available for any relays
    • Attending this meet but cannot attend early relays
    • Attending this meet but cannot attend late relays
    • Attending this meet but cannot attend any relays
    • Will not be attending this meet

IMPORTANT NOTE: Selecting the correct option is very important. Our computer will place your child in a relay and if you plan to not be there for the early morning medley relay or the end of meet freestyle relay, you need to let us know!!!!! Big deal! Please be sure to list this as accurately as you can based on your Saturday schedule. Any swimmer can be chosen for a relay by our computer generated report. Don’t assume your swimmer will or won’t be selected, please. It’s a time and record driven process.

  • Select the three events that you and your swimmer have agreed upon. If a prompt comes up that ask you if you have received coach’s approval, make sure you get that approval on deck or via email.
  • Click Save Entries to record your choices.

Q: Do I have to be a member of Brookhaven Country Club for my child to swim on the team?

A: The Sharks are part of the Dallas Classic Swim League (DSCL). League rules require club membership in order to participate. DCSL is run by the head coaches of its member teams, and determines league rules, organizes meets, and hosts the Championship Meet. 

Q: ALL of my child’s friends are in a different age group. Can he/she swim with that group?

A: Age groups are determined by birth date. June 1 is the cut-off date, as determined by the DCSL. By league rule, swimmers may move up with no penalty, but they may not move down. Approval to move up or down for workouts must be received in advance. Overall team size will affect decision making in this area.

Q: Are workouts “mandatory?”

A: No. While meet results are directly related to practice attendance and attitude, we do not feel it is our job to determine what you, the paying customer, deems necessary for your investment.

Q: If we’re going to miss a practice, do I need to tell my coach?

A: Yes – this is an expectation and a courtesy to the coaching staff.

Q: Can my child make up a missed practice with another age group?

A: Only with prior approval. Approval will be based on the swimmer’s ability level in relation to the workout requested.

Q: Do I need to stay for every practice?

A: The club policy is that children under the age of 9 be accompanied by a guardian when at the pool. However, once the practice has begun, your child will be occupied and under the supervision of a coach for the remainder of practice. Once practice concludes, all children, under the age of nine, are expected to be in the care of a parent or guardian. No exceptions.

Q: Will practices occur in the rain?

A: We will hold practices if at all possible. If there is not lightning, there is a good chance that we will practice on rainy days. Should practice be cancelled, you will receive an email notifying you of the change as soon as the decision is made. If you do not receive an email, assume that there is practice.

Q: Are the meets required?

A: The meets are strongly encouraged as they are an important part of what we do. All swimmers must participate in at least two (2) dual meets to be eligible for Divisionals.

Q: If my swimmer misses a week of practice due to vacation, camp, VBS, etc., can they still participate in the next meet?

A: Absolutely! We are very aware that conflicts will arise; however, you must communicate all meet absences with your coaches well in advance so that relays are not negatively impacted on meet day.

Q: What’s the difference between a dual meet and the Championship Meet?

A: Dual meets are between two teams. The Championship Meet is our team’s championship event, in which all teams from our league are in attendance.  The Championship Swim Meet is also a two day meet - with prelims the first day and finals the second day.  Swimmers make it to finals by being one of the top 16 fastest in their event.  We also take the top 16 fastest relays to finals.

Q: Do I have a “say” in what my kids swim at meets?

A: Very little. Input is appreciated when presented privately and positively. Your swimmer’s best interest is important to us, but will not be placed above the team’s best interest. The decision of the coaching staff is final.

Q: How are relay teams determined?

A: Relay teams are primarily based on the swimmer's time. When very comparable, coaches may go with their best feeling. Often times, workout attendance and attitude can be key tiebreakers.

Q: If my child is going to miss a meet, what should I do?

A: Let your coach know as soon as possible, so that your swimmer will not be slotted to swim in an event. Empty lanes drag the meets out, and relay units can be damaged. You will need to log into the website and to officially let the coach know. Directions are explained in the first FAQ.

Q: Why are you asking for a commitment for Championship Meet now?

A: All swimmers must be pre-registered to swim at the Championship Meet. BCC pays an entry fee of $20.00 per swimmer to enter. Besides – it’s our biggest event of the season, so we expect a serious commitment to attend. Surprises for this meet are not good.

Q: What’s the deal with private lessons? Do I need to schedule them?

A: Private lessons are optional but nothing beats 1 on 1 instruction.  Each of the coaches can provide private lessons to swim team children - rates vary depending on the coach.  

Throughout the season, we also offer hour long swim clinics on Saturday mornings. The clinic is limited to 10 children and is $20/child.

Prior to the start of the season, we offer hour long swim clinics on Saturday (starting in mid March) to help swimmers get ready for the season.  The clinic is limited to ~10 swimmers and is $20/swimmer.  These clinics are conducted at Greenhill - typically from 11-1.  Contact Cheri Gambow,, if you are interested.  

Q: How can I get more involved?

A: One of the keys to the overall success of the Sharks is parental involvement. This is a family oriented team, and we depend on and expect every family to volunteer in some way.

Q: What is a Heat Sheet

A: Once all swimmers from both teams have submitted their meet entries, a heat sheet is generated by the meet management software. For each event (an event consists of a specific age group and a specific stroke, i.e., 9-10 girls backstroke), the software combines swimmers in the same event into “heats” of as many swimmer as there are lanes in the pool. The heats are designed to place swimmers with similar previous swim times in that event into heats together. The heat sheet (“meet program”) is the program of swim events in the order in which they occur. They show every heat and the name and lane of every swimmer in each heat. Helpful hint: Some people highlight their kids’ names in the heat sheet in order to avoid missing their swims.

NOTE: Heat sheets for upcoming meets will be emailed out, usually the night before the meet. Please print out your heat sheets – they will NOT be sold at the meet!

Q: Where can I find my child's time?

A: Go to the team website ( After you log in, select My Account, and click on your swimmers' name to see their best times and their times from every events that they swam. 

Q:  Why do we have a Shark Parent Club?

A:  We have this club to help raise money for the assistant coaches' bonuses, provide social interaction for families, and to help with food at swim meets.   Joining this club helps offset costs and you get a special prize for joining - only available to Shark Club members.  

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