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A swim meet cannot run efficiently without Volunteers. Every family should plan to be ready to volunteer at every meet in some capacity. The Brookhaven Shark Swim Team has big jobs and small jobs… something for everyone.

If you feel like you can't volunteer during the season, you may pay a volunteer "opt out" fee (this can be done in the "shop" tab). We offer this option because it does take every family to make the swim meets run smoothly, but we understand that sometimes you just can't make it work. By buying out your responsibilities, we can hire people to fill the roles needed to run the meet.

Some volunteer jobs will be available to sign up on line when you register your child. Other volunteer jobs will be open to volunteer at a “meet by meet” basis.

Volunteer Jobs:

Banquet committee:

Good for parents with little ones. This committee will work with the head coach to organize the banquet, create table decorations and choose the menu. The end of year banquet is on Wednesday, July 11th. .
Pictures and Slide Show:

Responsible for taking pictures throughout the season of practices, meets, and special events. The slide show volunteer will work with the photographers to get pictures on a regular basis and will put together a slide show for the team banquet on July 11th.

Communications: Good for parents with little ones. These parents will be responsible for maintaining the bulletin board by the check in area with up to date swim team information. This will include: shark of the week, meet schedule, and maintaining the record board.
Spirit Wear: Good job for parents with little ones. This committee will be responsible for handing out the swim team shirts and distributing spirit wear at all of the home meets and some practices.
Meet Manager Entries: Best for parents with older swimmers. This committee will do their work at the meet. The members of the committee input swimmer's times into the computer during the meet. Occasionally, this group might be asked to put labels on the ribbons at the morning practice following the meet.
Shark Cove Parent: Great job for any parent - you will assure that your swimmer will get to the ready bench on time! This committee will manage each of the different age groups. The Shark Cove Parent will be the “go to” parent for the swimmers. The responsibilities of the SCP will include: writing event numbers and swimmer's names on the swimmer’s hands and shoulder, pulling together the relays for your assigned age group, and sitting in the age group area to monitor your swimmers. We will need ~ 6 parents per age group per gender at each meet.
Team Building:

This position will coordinate special events for the team. The volunteer will work with the Head Coach on the logistics and scheduling of special events such as water parks, “Dive in Movies”, donut mornings etc.

Stroke and Turn Judges:

This job is best for someone with swim experience. These volunteers will help at swim meets to identify errors in stroke mechanics and distribute DQ slips to coaches. We will need 2 volunteers at each meet – (each volunteer will work 1/2 the meet.)

Timers This committee will be responsible for timing at each swim meet. Each team provides a timer for each lane (6 lanes). Timer's time the swimmer’s race and records the time on the time card. (There should be 2 times). Each Meet will require 12 timers per meet - 6 for each ½ of the meet. The timers will change shifts before event #35 (IM).
Volunteer Check In: This committee will manage the Parent Volunteer check in at all swim meets. The committee will be responsible for finding replacements for parents that are unable to fulfill their role last minute at the meet.
Starter/Starter Assistant: This committee will be responsible for providing a STARTER for each of the four home meets. The committee will also provide an assistant for the starter during each home meet. The assistant will be responsible for sending out twitter updates on the meet schedule and for updating the heat and event board during the meet.

This committee will provide light snacks and water for the timers, coaches, and other volunteers during each meet.

Age Group Parent:

This job is very important and requires work at every meet (and some up-front planning with the Team Manager prior to the season). The head coach will typically appoint this role but if you are interested, please let her know.

This job is best suited for a parent that has at least one year of experience on the Sharks Swim Team. There will be at least one age group parent per age group and gender. Responsibilities include: managing relay parents and relays, finding/providing/setting up tents (coaches will help with set up) for your age group (at least three), directing your shark cove volunteers, ensuring swimmers get to the ready bench, and providing social interactions for your age group on meet days or sometime during the season (e.g., things to do at meets in the tents, a lunch after practice, a swim day).

Relay Parent:

Responsible for getting your assigned relay to the blocks. You will work with a partner and each of you will take 2 swimmers to the appropriate end of the pool and then wait with your swimmers throughout the relay.

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