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A swim meet cannot be run without everyone's help. You should plan to be ready to volunteer at every meet in some capacity. It is a requirement that every family volunteer in some capacity during the swim season. You can sign up for volunteer jobs on line when you register your child.  Here are some of the jobs:

Volunteer Jobs:


Good for parents with little ones. The people on this committee will be responsible for table decorations and working with the club and the head coach to organize the banquet. This would include choosing the menu.

Pictures and Slide Show: Takes pictures throughout the season of practices, meets, special events, etc. for posting in common areas around the club. Works with the Coach to generate a season slide show for presentation at the banquet.

Good for parents with little ones. The parents on this committee will be responsible for maintaining the bulletin board by the check in area with up to date swim team information. This might include: shark of the week, meet schedule, and developing a record board.

Spirit Wear:

Good job for parents with little ones. This committee will be responsible for selling and handing out spirit wear at the beginning of the season.

Ribbons and Meet Manager Entries:

Best for parents with older swimmers as you are not right on the deck during there meet. This committee will do most of their work at the meet and the following day at practice. The members of the committee inputs swimmer's times into the computer during the meet. The next day they will manage putting labels on the ribbons during morning practice.

Shark Cove Parent:

Great job for any parents - you will know that your swimmer is getting to the ready bench on time! This committee will manage the different age groups. These parents will wear an apron and a nametag at meets and will be the go to parents for the swimmers. They will be responsible for pulling together the relays for your assigned age group and insuring that they get to the blocks on time. They will sit in the age group area and monitor the swimmers. They will help write the event numbers and the swimmer's names on their hands and shoulder. There will be at least 6 parents per age group/gender.

Team Building: Coordinates Special events for the team. Works with the Head Coach with the logistics and scheduling special events such as water parks, “Dive in Movies”, donut mornings etc.
Stroke and Turn Judges: Works at dual meet competitions to identify errors in stroke mechanics and distributes DQ slips to coaches.

2 volunteers at each meet - to work 1/2 the meet. 


This committee will be responsible for timing at each swim meet. Each team provides a timer for each lane (6 lanes). Timer's time the swimmer’s race and records the time on the time card. There should be 2 times. Please stand to see the swimmer touch the wall. Need 12 timers per meet - 6 for each ½ of meet. Change before event #35 (backstroke).

Volunteer Check In:

This committee will manage the volunteer check in and swimmer check ins at the swim meets. They will insure that if a volunteer does not show up the role is filled by another parent. They will report missing swimmers to the head coach at the end of warm-ups.


This committee will responsible for providing a starter for each of the four home meets.

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